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We're Team TSC, very inexperienced people trying to make a game, and, uh,
e n j o y ? ?

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gender is not a thing

a lot of stuff

rather not it's too boring.

at your house watching u

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so i remade the application to fit the current state of the game- so if you do want to have a job application, here it is:


k bye-


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lmao imagine liking a lot of pictures of hank bc the god damn lighting and everything about the art and its h a n k

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IVE BEEN STUNG BY A WASP! - remix - YouTube

I was up at 5 and was laughing like a retard.


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I was looking for a picture of Hank so I could draw them for fun (also was asked by sister)

and instead I got girl Tricky x Hank.

I am going to commit Sheriff in MC3 right about now-



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-Chapter Two- 

I awoke that day to find myself in a pool of tears. “At least that’ll make my bed colder..”, I thought to myself aimlessly. 

I don’t remember much from when I woke up, but I do remember getting ready for the day. I put my shoes on, and stood outside the door. Until I finally remembered what I had seen on the news last night.

 I realized that everything that happened wasn’t just a dream, unlike I wish it would be. I wished that I could pinch myself, and I would awake next to Alison bothering me about getting up late, and then we’d rush to get out of the house on time, and then we’d joke about it every time we go to school but... That wasn’t true anymore. Alison wouldn’t be there for a long time. I had to survive on my own from that point forward. Without her to save me.

 I really did wish it was a dream. I wish we could pinch ourselves, and wake up as a kid when all the days were better. When we didn’t have to worry about college loans, and getting a job, but instead, catching butterflies in jars and playing games, and watching videos on YouTube nonstop while eating junky snacks. Not anymore, apparently.

But then, over all that fear, I started to remember piece by piece. I remembered how dreams weren’t scary, I started to remember how dreams weren’t murderous, so then it hit me. What I wish was a dream, wasn’t a dream at all. It was a nightmare. It was obviously a nightmare, what else could I have...?

I walked to my class that morning, still hoping that Alison would be there. Looking back at it, I remember having this rush of adrenaline once I saw the empty classroom. Had I been early, or late? What was going on? Was I going crazy? Then, one of my teachers came to get my hunched-over body sitting, looking at Alison's desk. I couldn’t believe it. Alison was really.. gone. Just like that, two days ago, alive, today.. gone. God damn it.

As my vision came back, I turned my head back to see a group of my classmates looking at me. They must’ve thought that something was wrong with me, because, after about an hour, they told a teacher to send me to the school counselor. 

The talk that we had was just about Alison. Of course, they didn’t care about the way I felt, they just cared about Alison. I mean, I guess that’s all everybody cares about. Who would care about the people who were actually friends with her? Who formed emotional bonds with her?  

 I mean, I can’t blame them as much as you could blame me. I used to be glued to Alison. I would stay near near her no matter the damn situation, and she protected me from people picking on me, and I protected her from the bunch of weirdos that wanted to date her. We would laugh about it once we got home, and then after we would eat a bunch of snacks while watching our favorite shows. 

That day, I went home and did what we always did. Except, without Alison. And all that eating was really just comfort eating. I couldn’t, nor wouldn’t believe she was dead until I had seen proof. 

So, the next morning I headed down to the police station. I asked to see the body. I asked to see.. My best friend's body. And then… I saw it. It's what I asked to see, and my wish was granted like a princess in those movies...

I saw Alison’s dead body, just lying there on the table. It was awful... Her plump, pink cheeks, now blue and purple. Her pristine, glittery blue nails, now gone. Her pretty, heart-shaped necklace, now- And then I realized something. I asked somebody to check Alison’s neck to see if there was anything there.

When the person checked, they said they saw nothing. I remember that moment. I stood there, still, as night and day felt like it was rushing right through me. I told them to look for a dark spot on her neck. As they looked again, a feeling of unease loomed around me. When they got back to me, they told me there was nothing like what I had described. If there was nothing there, then that meant.. That was not Alison’s body.  


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 -Chapter One-

It was approximately 2020 when Alison suddenly went missing. Alison was my best friend, and we promised we’d stick together ever since we became friends. That promise didn’t hold through as expected, because, on the day of March 10th, I would never see her again. I was in school when my class suddenly heard the news of Alison's disappearance. I didn’t know how to feel about it. Even though Alison and I were, we are- best friends, we were nothing alike.  

Alison had nothing to do with anything I did, but we still got along. Her orange-ish red-ish hair didn’t exactly go well with my black hair. My hair was long and had a mind of its own, while her hair was curly and short, like a celebrity.

But even with that Alison and I looked out for each other. There are a bunch of weirdos and creeps out there you know. If they even laid a finger on one of us, the other one would come running. And if we found you, you better pray to the lord you don’t get a broken nose. 

  Of course, we had to deal with all of this suspicious stuff at school. Students got pulled in and out of class by the men in blue. After everybody in the class was “interrogated”, I was the one standing. And by standing, I mean my legs were ready to collapse at any moment. In a moment of time between the past, present, and future, everything rushed through my head. Despite the adrenaline kicking in, the blood rushing through my veins, and my nervous system trying to pump the breaks.. I went in for interrogation.

Two men took me to a room and asked me questions about Alison. “Did anybody dislike Alison, did you know who Alison was, what were Alison’s parents like..” 

After ten or so minutes, moved on to the quote-unquote “normal questions.” “Where were you from nine o’clock to ten pm?”, was their first question. I answered with, “I was at home, sleeping.” Then they asked me when I woke up. Humiliation, embarrassment, and other feelings rose upon me.

 I had a horrible memory, and of course, I wouldn't remember what time it was when I woke up. . “I would say.. maybe eleven o’clock?” “Maybe?” they asked me, now filled with suspicion. I couldn’t focus on their eyes at that second, but I felt their glances started getting stronger, and scarier by every second passing by. I started to feel a chill spread throughout the room. I blinked and thought something touched me. 

At this ominous moment, everything else went blurry. I can’t remember that much from that day, but I do remember walking into my dorm and bursting out crying once I got to my bed. Everything else from that day is all shaky.. 

When I started my investigation, one where you didn’t have to tell everything we knew and just answer a few questions, her parents were the first people I had thought to have something to do with her disappearance. 

She always told me how strict her parents were, and how abusive they used to be. But, when I got to her house, it had been.. abandoned. It was almost like a brand new dollhouse; empty, and blank. Nothing was messy, nothing was even there- It was just.. A blank slate. 

I wondered if I went to the wrong house. I had a tendency to make mistakes, so I rechecked the address. The message she sent me a few weeks before she went missing had the same address as the house that I was in right then. So why was it that scary? Why was it that.. Weird? I decided to call her parents and ask her what happened. When I did, this is what they said:

“Hello?” “Hello, this is the Hargreaves Household, how may we help you?” “Hi, this is your daughter's friend, I wonder if you know what happened to her?” 

Immediately, the call went silent. They hung up on me after a few seconds of silence, and I never heard from them again. I found it odd that they hung up. If they ever had been interrogated, they would’ve been the main suspects.  

It made no sense now that I think about it, especially considering the time of her disappearance. Nine PM, to Ten PM? Alison would usually be at her house by that time, sleeping, or at my house. If there was a guy, she would tell me. 

The next morning I went to check the news. And it was everywhere.. The news had discovered Alison’s dead body next to a river creek. And what was the heading..?

“The Disappearance of Alison Hargreaves.”  

This is chapter 1 for The Disappearance of Alison Hargreaves.


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Appreciate Madness for a sec here?

I know it took Hank and Sanford 7 years 7 weeks 7 days to climb down the latter and all-

But this series is brutally hilarious to the point I watch it for comfort.


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I'm one of the members of the team, and this is the official account for the horror game being made as "The Stars Will Collide" or "The Stars Collide".

This game is, y'know, a horror game (of sorts). It's filled with lore, secrets, and references. (Lore is being hidden, even from the members!) There is at least 7 chapters in all currently as we create new ideas for more content.

We are very inexperienced, as we said in our quote. We're trying to learn on how to do these things and how they'll impact our futures, and we want to create something interesting enough to grab certain people's attention.

We have this weird-but-makes-sense age restriction to join our team. 11-14, because (we're basically all 13 by now) some other people on this literally a god made this site with memorable characters, might want to make something of their own or join a team.

There isn't a lot of people in this team at this point in time, so we'd really appreciate help, because we aren't the FNF devs or Team Cherry.

That's basically it as of now, so, see you soon. :)

(P.S, the whole team uses this account.)