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The Disappearance of Alison Hargreaves

Posted by grass1oryaya2 - December 8th, 2021

 -Chapter Three-

If that wasn’t Alison's body...whose was it? Everything was going straight past me. All these assumptions came rushing into my head.. I don’t even think my mind had control over my mouth... “Who is this? Who is she, is Alison alive, what’s happening with Alison. I need to find Alison. Alison. Alison.” Alison. That’s when my thoughts finally came back to me- “What’s the girl's name?”, I asked the person standing across from me. “Her name is Alison De Luca?”, the person replied. From that sentence, that one little sentence, all of my breath reached my lungs, and my throat was dry as ever, I was content.


Most of the people there must’ve thought I was crazy, because of the way I acted, but I didn’t care. As long as Alison wasn’t found dead, that meant that she was still alive. Somewhere.  I told the person I needed some fresh air as I rushed out the doors of the police station. Of course, I never returned because I was too happy-I was too happy to return, I was too happy to see that Alison De Luca was dead, not my Alison. If I returned there, they would probably report me as some crazy lunatic. 

When I got home that night, I did my usual routine, except with one small difference. I got my snacks ready, put on my favorite show, and headed to bed. I then got the idea to put food in the kitchen, just in case Alison returned. 

As my door creaked, I heard an unusual sound coming from downstairs. I was frightened, especially because this time I didn’t have a flashlight with me. I would have to turn back to get it... But it felt like something was drawing my attention to it. It felt like I was supposed to go towards that sound. 

I tried to keep my eyes on the kitchen across from me while I shut the door. When I shut my door, I walked backward, still keeping an eye on where the kitchen would be. When I finally got my flashlight, I opened the door to reveal... Nothing. As soon as the light flashed upon the room, the noise stopped. 

It was odd... The noise had seemed like screaming. You’d expect the screaming to continue as soon as they saw a light- seeing a sign of help, perhaps? But it's just... Stopped. Like they were scared of the light flickering on all of a sudden. 

Like any normal person would, I grabbed my flashlight and ran like hell back into my room, as fast as I could. Who wouldn’t? Wait- let me rephrase that. Who wouldn’t run far away from the sound of screaming coming from their own house? Actually- Don’t answer that question. 

 I honestly thought nothing of it the first time, and just took it as me being paranoid about Alison, but then, the night after I started having all of these “nightmares”, or hallucinations. The first episode I had was about Alison. 

We were doing our usual routine when I noticed something off about her... She was pulling away from me, fidgeting at me when I tried hugging her, .. she even tried to stab me! When we got up onto her roof, where we usually watched stars, she kept on repeating a phrase. I couldn’t hear her that well, so I asked her what she had said. The moment I said that the world around me morphed into this dark place.. Alison's body had started to morph along with it...

“Your fault.” 

That was all I could hear, as I fell through the corrupted world. The world that I was once told was amazing and perfect, now blood red,  and as dark as night. I fell through the house, my blood rushing, my veins popping out of my skin, everything I had loved.. Gone. And above everything...

It was all my fault. 


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